Saturday, 23 January 2016

Oversight Mission : Affordable & Accessible Housing In North America : Starlight As A Reasonable Example Of Commerce And Trade Practices

An Examination Of  Universal Fundamental Human Rights In Matters Of Affordable Shelter
Thank you for receiving the information at this site as originating from a simple and basic intent : that being to seek to establish a working forum through which there may exist a continuum of information regarding the complexities of commerce and trade, as founded within the general public interest of maintaining a sound social contract that ensures both economic stability in simultaneous conjunction with the fundamental citizenry rights of affordable housing.

Starlight Investments Ltd is chosen as the fulcrum around which fair and public examinations shall occur as a method of publishing regular reports of the affordable housing regulatory governance in Canada and the United States. There is no intent to either promote nor to demonize Starlight Invests Ltd.
Finding a reasonable balance between rights and obligations is always a delicate balance in an open market system. It remains the fundamental duty of government to reflect secure citizenry concerns within the concept of acquired rights through taxation. And, it may be proposed that citizens enjoy original rights; while, the commercial sectors enjoy regulatory privilege. And, again, the mission for Starlight Public Oversight (SPO) remains to be a positive and constructive medium of examinations of the affordable shelter questions. Regular Updated Reports will be posted as they arrive; and, are verified / edited. Thank You.